Consumer Protection & Advertising Law

The Firm has broad and well-founded experience in connection with issues of consumer protection law and advertising law, especially in the fields of financial services, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, oil and gas, power, alcohol, production of and trading in tobacco, soft drinks, cosmetics, appliances, sugar and other consumer products.

The field of consumer protection comprises legal advice and representation in connection with, on the one hand, compliance with the various provisions of consumer protection (e.g. packaging, labels, distribution, product security, product compliance) and, on the other hand, data protection, consumer agreements, e-commerce and direct marketing.

In addition, a substantial part of our experience is made up of legal advice and representation in connection with unfair commercial practices, including rendering preliminary opinions on advertisements and providing our clients with training on issues of advertising law.

We regularly act before various Alternative Dispute Resolution bodies (bodies providing mediation) and self-regulatory bodies (ÖRT, MRSZ), as well as before the Hungarian Competition Authority, the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection and the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, in proceedings that are in connection with such practice, and in the judicial review of the decisions of all of those authorities.

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