Dr. Patrick Tausz

E-mail: patrick.tausz@szecskay.com

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Patrick Tausz is a Partner at Szecskay Attorneys at Law, a law firm with an international clientele and scope of activities.

Corporate finance, project finance, real property law (including tax regulations relating to real estate transactions), and litigation/arbitration

Received his JD, cum laude, from Eötvös Loránd University Law Faculty in 1993.

Budapest Bar Association: Member since 1996
AIJA: Member

Co-author, and author of various legal commentaries, including "The New Hungarian Company Law," (Eastern European Forum Newsletter, Spring 1998) and various articles on real property law and project finance, including "Cross Border Investments in Real Estate and its Financing" (AIJA 2004 Annual Congress in Naples), "Real Estate Market in Hungary" (Investing in Real Estate: Trends, Opportunities and new Frontiers, AIJA Seminar in Berlin 2008), and Workouts in Hungary (Global Investment in Real Estate: Trends, Opportunities and New Frontiers, IBA Seminar in Vienna 2010); and also on some other topics including "Contracts of Adhesion in the 21st Century" (AIJA 2005 Annual Congress in Mexico City)

Fluent in English

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