Energy & Environment

Through representing winning bidders in the privatization of electricity and gas suppliers long-term, we have been able to continuously monitor legislative developments in the energy supply sector. We assist extensively with administrative supervision procedures for suppliers, licensing procedures for the approval of operational licences, and the regulation of the contractual terms relating to the supply of electricity and gas to consumers. We have acted as the consultant and have represented electricity suppliers vis-á-vis the Energy Office in the preparation of the coordinated long-term electricity supply form contracts.

We have also successfully represented the interests of gas suppliers before the courts against the Hungarian Energy Office in relation to the invalidation of Office decisions which rejected the price revision claims made by the suppliers.

Our substantial experience in environment law is the result of due diligence tasks and warranty claims (primarily from privatization agreements), and by virtue of having represented such clients whose main scopes of activity were the protection of the environment, environmental waste management and consultancy services.

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